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The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council’s January, 2013 presentation to the Alaska Workforce Investment Board (AWIB) is now available.

Alaska Workforce Investment Board: Reference Materials — The first five documents below are intended to provide AWIB staff and board members with an overview of Ketchikan and southeast Alaska’s economy.

Southeast Alaska by the Numbers — Overview of Southeast Alaska’s economy, completed by Sheinberg & Associates for Southeast Conference

Southeast Alaska Private Investment Survey, 2012 — Analysis of private investment made in Southeast Alaska, completed by Sheinberg & Associates for Southeast Conference

Southeast Conference “Top 10” List, 2012 — Regional economic development priorities determined by Southeast Conference for 2012-2013.

Ketchikan Marine Industry Council: Summary of Core Marine Industry Infrastructure –Summary analysis of key marine industry infrastructure in Ketchikan region, and regional competitive advantages.

Alaska Maritime Work Force Development Plan – The University of Alaska has been collaborating with innovative leaders across the state since 2012 on the Fishing, Seafood and Maritime Initiative (FSMI). The goal of the initiative is to assess, develop and deliver training programs, raise awareness and further research to prepare Alaskans to meet current and emerging workforce, economic and scientific needs.

Supplemental Reading — The materials which follow below are provided as supplemental reading for anyone seeking additional detail regarding Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska’s marine industry sector and infrastructure.

Ketchikan Marine Industry Council Publications
Report on Composition of Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector (September, 2012 Draft) – Report examining the businesses and industry subsectors which comprise Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector.

Ketchikan Port/Harbor Infrastructure Profiles (PDF Compendium) – Overview of some of Ketchikan’s leading ice-free, deepwater port and harbor infrastructure.

Briefing — Value of Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector (October, 2012) – Report examining the total estimated number of marine sector jobs and wages in Ketchikan’s marine industry sector.

Briefing — Alaska Offshore Oil and Gas Potential – One page report comparing the potential economic value of Alaska’s offshore oil and gas resources to the value of resources found in the Gulf of Mexico.

Briefing — Growth of Water Transportation Industry Gross Domestic Product in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest – Examination of Alaska and Pacific Northwest trends for growth of the water transportation industry; a critical economic indicator for Ketchikan’s marine industry sector.

Publications by Other Entities:

USACE Harbor Needs Study for the State of Alaska — Needs assessment performed by Cornell University for the US Army Corps of Engineers, demonstrating demand for harbor infrastructure on a regional/community-specific basis.

United Fishermen of Alaska — Alaska Commerical Fishing and Seafood Processing Fact Sheets — Community-specific fact sheets for economic impacts of fisheries in Southeast Alaska, as well as other locations in the State.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council: Fishing Fleet Profiles (April, 2012) — Profiles fishing fleets of the Northern Pacific.

Southeast Alaska Petroleum Resource Organization (SEAPRO) Website — Includes info on HAZWOPER training provided in Southeast Alaska by SEAPRO — an industry membership-based spill response organization. SEAPRO also provides other professional certifications, including OSHA’s marine safety program, and forklift certification.

NCCER — Training / Certification Standards — Information on industry-recognized NCCER standards / training for industrial crafts.

US Gulf of Mexico Oil and Natural Gas Industry Economic Impact Analysis — Industry-generated analysis of the economic impacts of the GoM’s oil/gas industry. Utilizes proprietary research methods to collect primary data analyzing complete impacts through the offshore industry’s supply chain. Contains excellent discussion of marine technology and development processes which are used by the offshore industry.

2020 Tech Outlook for Marine Industry — Analyzes and predicts the potential impacts of technology, climate, and world politics / policymaking on the marine industry sector circa 2020.

Failure to Act: The Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Airports, Inland Waterways, and Marine Ports Infrastructure — Executive Summary of publication created by the American Society of Civil Engineers, discussing economic impacts of trends regarding investment in marine infrastructure.


DRAFT Sector Map: PDF Version – PDF format map of the 212 businesses comprising Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector.

DRAFT Sector Map: Google Earth/.KMZ Format – Google Earth / KMZ format map of the 212 businesses comprising Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector. You must also download Google Earth, which is available for free.

DRAFT Sector Map: Xmind Format – Xmind Format map of the 212 businesses comprising Ketchikan’s Marine Industry Sector. You must also download Xmind, which is available for free.

Ketchikan Marine Industry Sector Business List, Excel Format (September, 2012) – Excel format list of 212 businesses which comprise Ketchikan’s marine industry sector.