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Action Items:

The Ketchikan Maritime Industry Council has identified the follow tasks as “action items” for 2012-2013:

1. Develop and maintain a website, sector map tools, and other resources showcasing Ketchikan’s Maritime Industry Sector — FUNDING RECEIVED, WORK UNDERWAY

2. Conduct market analysis, including “gap analysis” of investment opportunities

3. Analyze and prioritize capital projects for investment

4. Develop regional workforce investment system

5. Establish a regional maritime policy

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough has also established a “matching fund reserve” to assist in meeting match requirements of federal – or other – grant opportunities which can support growth of Ketchikan’s maritime economy.

Program Outcomes:

  • Recognition of Ketchikan’s maritime enterprise
  • Increased market insight and access
  • Improved maritime industry business climate, via industry-led advocacy and policy development
  • Key maritime infrastructure needs are identified and prioritized for investment
  • Increased access to business partners and customers
  • New private sector investment
  • Increased access to investors
  • Expanded maritime industry supply chain
  • Increased access to skilled workforce
    • Ketchikan-region workforce investment/improvement system
    • Prevent workforce shortages by steering and supporting learning and training strategies
    • New systems for connecting with skilled workers and fulfilling immediate needs

The time to invest in Ketchikan’s regional maritime industry sector is now… so LET’S GET TO WORK!